Tamil Nadu PSC Exam (TNPSC) – Previous Years Question Papers

The Tamil Nadu PSC (TNPSC) conducts examinations for different sectors, namely Agricultural Department, Fisheries Department, Animal Husbandry Department, Geology Department, and so on. Educational qualification for each post varies depending on the designation.

Degree in the relevant field and specialization is the minimum educational qualification for several posts. Technical knowledge such as type writing and short hand qualified certificate is also required for some posts.

Tamil Nadu, Public Service Commission, released a recruitment notification to conduct the departmental exam in the upcoming months. Candidates who are waiting for this TNPSC departmental exam 2020 here is the golden opportunity for you people. Tamil Nadu PSC Departmental Exam date is released and scheduled to be conducted in the upcoming months.

Thus, to get all the details related to TNPSC Departmental Exam, read other sections of the article and also download TNPSC Departmental exam previous year question papers to score better in the exam.

Tamil Nadu PSC Departmental Exam Paper Details

Name of the OrganizationTamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)
No. of VacanciesVarious
Name of the PostDepartmental Exam
Official Websitehttp://www.tnpsc.gov.in/previous-questions.html

Tamil Nadu PSC Group 1 Main Exam

The TNPSC Group 1 Main exam consists of 3 papers:

  • Modern India, Science & Technology, Polity, International Relation, Geography, Economics, Social Issues, Aptitude, Environment, Bio-Diversity, and Disaster Management.
  • Geography with particular reference to Tamil Nadu, Tamil Society ‐ Its Culture and Heritage, Social Issues concerning Tamil Nadu.

TNPSC Group 1 Syllabus – Prelims

The Preliminary stage of the TNPSC Group 1 Exam comprises one objective type paper. The Prelims is only the screening stage, and the marks are not counted in the final merit list.

TNPSC Group 1 Syllabus – Mains

The Mains Exam comprises three descriptive papers, and each paper can be subdivided into three units covering broad subject areas.

Unlike the UPSC Mains, there are no optional papers/subjects in the TNPSC Group 1 Exam Syllabus.

Note- For more detailed information on the syllabus, click on this link.

Tamil Nadu PSC Sample Questions

Sample Questions from the GE Model 2019 Paper

Ques 1. The fear of heights is known as:

A) hydrophobia

B) acrophobia

C) claustrophobia

D) xenophobia

Ques 2. Which of the following is a poem?

A) The Road to success

B) The Helping Hand

C) Vision for the Nation

D) O, Captain! My Captain!

Ques 3. Match the following:

A                         B

a) Absolute           1. Union.

b) Segregation      2. Subjugation.

c) Universal          3. Peculiar.

d) Uniformity       4. Disorder

5. Approximate.

A) 5 2 3 4

B) 5 1 3 4

C) 5 1 4 3

D) 5 2 4 3

Ques 4. Identify the superlative degree:

A) Who is braver, Napoleon, or Hitler?

B) She is the wealthiest lady in society.

C) Her dress is old

D) The nearer I came, the farther he went.

Ques 5. Select the correct sentence:

A) Do it to best of your ability

B) Do it to the best of your ability

C) Do it the best of your ability

D) Do it to best your ability

Ques 6. Annie Louisa walker is a well-known ____________ poet.

A) Canadian – Born

B) American – born

C) British born

D) Australian – born

Ques 8. Which of the following sentences are in active voice?

I. They sing songs in the assembly.

II. The manager sent a notice.

III. You gave him your pen.

IV. He has built a house in his native place.

A) Only I, III and IV are correct

B) Only II, III and IV are correct

C) I, II and III are correct

D) All are correct

Ques 9. “The globe’s my world. The cloud’s my kin” – Whom does ‘my’ refer to?

A) the poet

B) a bird

C) a man

D) an animal

Ques 10. Which of the following lines belongs to “Robert Frost”?

A) With sixty seconds, “Worth of distance run.”

B) Of Childish days is upon me; my manhood is cast.

C) But once within the wood, we paused.

D) Is it waiting for its time to share?

Ques 11. Fill in the blanks with a suitable article.

The value of ________ Euro is determined according to the conversion rate fixed by eleven European countries in terms of their currencies.

A) The

B) An

C) a

D) No article

Sample Questions from the GS Model Paper for 2019

Ques 1. Tata iron and steel industry is located at:

a) Durgapur

b) Bhilai

c) Burnpur

d) Jamshedpur

Ques 2. Which place scores the second-best UNESCO World heritage site in the world?

a) Ankurwat temple

b) Taj Mahal

c) Ajantha caves

d) pragatheeshwar temple

Ques 3. which Bharathiar attended the congress conference?

a) Surat conference

b) Madras conference

c) Bombay conference

d) Lucknow conference

Ques 4. Which among the following industries generate invisible exports?

a) Fishing

b) Tourism

c) Jewelry

d) Handicrafts

Ques 5. Which district in Tamilnadu has the highest sex ratio?

a) Nilgiri

b) Nagapattinam

c) Tiruchirappalli

d) Thanjavur


A candidate needs to go through the last year’s question papers so that even with the time constraint, he/she will get a fair amount of understanding about the nature of questions asked by the TNPSC.

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