Cracking Civil Services Exam in First Attempt : Detailed Guide

Civil Services Exam In The First Attempt

Candidates are hopeful they can crack the UPSC Civil Services Exam in the first attempt. The Civil Services Exam (CSE), conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), is believed to be the most stringent exam in the country. Every individual who is interested in the IAS Exam knows that preparing for Civil Services is … Read more

Civil Services Examination Preparation For Working Professionals : Plan, Focus, Study Guide & Important Topics

Civil Services Exam For Working Professionals

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is complicated to clear, but it is not impossible if prepared as per the strategy. Working professionals who wish to transfer to the Civil Service Unit consider their full-time jobs as a constraint in their journey of becoming a UPSC officer. When non-working UPSC CSE aspirants are studying 12–14 hours … Read more

Difference Between UPSC and PCS

Upsc And Pcs

UPSC CSE is a very prestigious service, but not every candidate is lucky. That’s why many people try for the State Civil Services if their chances of getting selected in UPSC CSE’s are low.  Mostly, candidates are not even aware of the difference between the two administration services – UPSC and PCS.  In this article, … Read more

Farmers’ Children become an IAS Officer – Success Stories

Civil Services Ias Officer

Being a Civil Services IAS Officer is a beacon of hard work. It doesn’t matter if you are a farmer’s son or a daughter of a businessman, every candidate starts at a fair playing field when it comes to the UPSC Civil Services Exam. And to clear CSE, one must have the passion and dedication … Read more

Civil Services (India) Current Affairs Exam : 10 Simple Ways to Prepare

Civil Services Current Affairs

Subjects and topics in GS have become highly dynamic and requires constant updating with the current events from newspapers to fetch more marks in the exam. Just like in Civil Services Current Affairs, one must remember the following things and follow them daily while reading the paper, it will help you tremendously. Never read those … Read more

Civil Services GS Paper 2 – International Relations : Resources, Preparation Tips And Important Topics

Civil Services International Relations Gs Paper Ii

Civil Services International Relations GS Paper II is a very active topic in the UPSC Mains Exam. Though the approach to tackling this section is not so difficult, it should be appropriately handled to fetch the maximum marks. Resources for the International Relations Topics It would be best if you focused on the current Head … Read more

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) : Training Overview, Career Progression and Functions

Ifs Officer Training

The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is the role of administration, diplomat civil service under the Group A & Group B. It is one of the most prestigious central civil services of the executive branch of the Government of India. The members of the IFS Community represent the country in international territories. In recent years, the … Read more

Civil Services Reforms : Employment, Pay and the Evolution of Civil Services

Civil Services Reform

The Civil Services Reform is a very deliberate action to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, representational and democratic character of civil services, to promote the better delivery of public goods and services, with the increased accountability. Such kinds of actions can include data gathering and analysis, organizational restructuring, improving human resource management and training, enhancing … Read more

How To Choose Civil Services IAS Mains Optional Subject : Detailed Guidelines, Full List, Comparative Analysis & Things to Avoid

Civil Services Ias Mains Optional Subject

Selecting the most scoring and vital UPSC IAS Mains Optional goes a long way in helping a student score well in Civil Services Mains Exam. The Civil Services Mains exam is designed to test the intellectual prowess of an aspirant. It is intended to assess the overall mental traits and depth of understanding of a … Read more

Dismissing Civil Servant in India : Rules, Attrition Rate and Performance Management

Civil Servant Termination

Removal in the government, particularly those in prestigious civil service, is far more difficult than those in the private sector. Job security has proverbially been the significant charm of Sarkari/Government jobs. But, it is no longer applicable, and one has to perform his/her duty diligently. With an increase in transparency, the element of accountability to … Read more

The Civil Services Exam Guide for Beginners

Civil Services Ias Exam

The UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam is one’s entry to the administrative arm of the All India Services. Considered the premier civil service of India, the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the three premier divisions of All India services along with the Indian Police Service (IPS) and the Indian Forest Service (IFS). To … Read more