Indian Foreign Service (IFS) : Training Overview, Career Progression and Functions

Ifs Officer Training

The Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is the role of administration, diplomat civil service under the Group A & Group B. It is one of the most prestigious central civil services of the executive branch of the Government of India. The members of the IFS Community represent the country in international territories. In recent years, the … Read more

Civil Services Essay Exam : 10 Rules to Follow For Writing An Impressive Essay

Civil Services Essay Exam

The Essay Paper is one of the essential papers in the UPSC CSE Mains exam. In this, you will have to write two essays, each with a word count of 1000 – 1200 or as per the latest requirement of UPSC. Candidate can select one out of four options. Each essay comprises of 125 marks … Read more

9 Scientific Tips to Improve Your Memory for the Civil Services Exam

Improve Your Memory

The Civil Services Exam in India is a nationwide national competitive exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). With thousands of pages to read for the multiple classes, finding a creative way to remember everything can be a tricky task.  9 Tips to Improve Your Memory for the UPSC Civil Services Exam The … Read more

How To Choose Civil Services IAS Mains Optional Subject : Detailed Guidelines, Full List, Comparative Analysis & Things to Avoid

Civil Services Ias Mains Optional Subject

Selecting the most scoring and vital UPSC IAS Mains Optional goes a long way in helping a student score well in Civil Services Mains Exam. The Civil Services Mains exam is designed to test the intellectual prowess of an aspirant. It is intended to assess the overall mental traits and depth of understanding of a … Read more

Tips On How To Crack Civil Services Interview If You Are A Shy Person

Civil Services Interview Shy Person

The UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) Interview is the final and most crucial step of the exam as it is not merely a test of knowledge but a holistic test of aspirant’s personality. A high score in Civil Services Exam Interview can create a difference of more than 100 marks in just under 30 minutes. … Read more

History as Optional Subject in Civil Services Mains Exams – Pros and Cons

History As Optional Subject

History is a popular and prevalent optional subject chosen by many candidates in the UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains Exam. It is an essential subject because history is included in the IAS Prelims Exam and the IAS Mains General Studies Papers. Most aspirant’s common questions are, ‘Is it a good optional subject for the IAS … Read more

Preparation Strategy for Art and Culture Civil Services Prelims Exam

India'S Art And Culture

Art and culture of India is a vast and diverse topic. It is a widespread opinion and view that the Art and Culture subjects are complicated in nature to remember and to cover the entire syllabus – because of its vast diversity. From 2014 onwards, many questions that have been asked by UPSC CSE on … Read more

UPSC Civil Services 2019 Exam Topper: Pradeep Singh (Farmer’s Son)

Pradeep Singh

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has announced the Civil Services Exam 2019 results. Pradeep Singh from Haryana’s Sonepat. His father is a farmer in Haryana, and his mother is a house-wife. Mr. Singh has topped the prestigious exam applied by nearly 10 lakh aspirants. Based on the written part of the Civil Services Examination, … Read more

Can an Engineer become an IAS Officer? – Recommended Strategy, Study Tips & Advantags

Engineer Studying Plans On Site Yf8Hekr11

The answer is – YES! Anyone who has an interest and some basic qualifications and skills are eligible to appear for an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Post. But saying you can become an IAS Officer just because you have an engineering degree won’t be fair. To clear the Civil Services Exam, one has to be … Read more

How Previous Years Civil Services Questions Can Help You In Your Preparation

Civil Services Exam Question Papers

The most reliable source of information for the pattern and previous year paper’s nature (eg. the kind of questions asked in prelims and mains exam) is through the previous years’ papers. Points to consider before answering Last Year’s UPSC Civil Services Exam Question Papers But before starting your preparation, you need to go through the … Read more

The Indian National Anthem – 7 Interesting Facts

Indian National Anthem - Indian Flag

Jana gana mana adhi naayaka jaya hai!Bhaarat bhaagya vidhaataPunjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha,Dravid Utkala Bangaa. Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga,Uchhala jaladhi taranga. Tava shubh naame jaage,Tava shubh aashish maage,Gahe tava jaya-gaatha. Jana-gana-mangaladayaka jaya hai!Bharat bhagya vidhata. Jaya hai! Jaya hai! Jaya hai!Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya hai! The National Anthem of India is “Jana Gana Mana”, which was … Read more