Qutb Minar Complex: An Introduction to the Heritage of Shahjahanabad

Introduction The Qutb Minar Complex- a UNESCO World Heritage Site is overwhelmed by the mid-thirteenth century stone pinnacle, overshadowing the skyline. It was once crucial for the first metropolitan complex in Delhi, Lal Kot, worked by the Tomar Rajput rulers. Following the triumph of Mahmud of Ghazni over Prithviraj Chauhan, the Turk leaders of Delhi … Read more

Humayun’s Tomb and Surroundings: The Mughal Heritage of Shahjahanabad

“Through the rise and fall of empires, the Indian civilization has endured and led the world to new heights of achievement. Thus, the world owed a profound debt to India and its people.”– Barack Obama, then President of U.S., wrote in the visitor’s book at the Humayun’s Tomb Introduction Humayun’s Tomb and its encompassing landmarks … Read more

Monuments of Shahjahanabad: An Introduction to Lal Quila

Shahjahanabad, Lal Quila

“Once, there was nothing here. Now, look how minarets camouflage the sunset. Do you hear the call to prayer? It leaves me unwinding scrolls of legend till I reach the first brick they brought here. How the prayers rose, brick by brick?” – Agha Shahid Ali Introduction Delhi, the capital of India, has a solid, … Read more