Anti-Defection Act

Anti-Defection Act

Recently on October 7, Calcutta High Court gave directions to West Bengal Assembly Speaker Biman Chatterjee. He was given an order to pass an order in the defection case against the member of the Legislative Assembly. A few months back, we heard about similar proceedings going on in Rajasthan and Jharkhand. Why is defection too … Read more

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution

India Article 370

Article 370 of the Constitution of India was revoked nearly two years ago, in August of 2019. It was a very controversial decision by the newly elected government and faced immediate backlash, interest and support from all over the nation and the world. People who had never even heard of the article were now being … Read more

Role of Tribunals in the Indian Judiciary

Tribunals In The Indian Judiciary

The Indian Judiciary is famous in the world for its supreme power; it is independent of legislative and executive and is divided into three branches, i.e., Supreme Court, High Courts, and district courts. The Indian Judiciary not only acts to the complaint and cases register but also enjoys its judicial activity in the form of … Read more