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Gujarat PSC (GPSC) Exam – Previous Years Question Papers

Gujarat PSC Exam Previous Years Question Papers

Gujarat PSC Exam Previous Years Question Papers

The Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) conducts state services exams to fill vacancies in various administrative departments.

Candidates willing to take the examination in the upcoming session must start the preparation for the test now. An essential and necessary part of Gujarat PSC preparation is solving previous years’ GPSC question papers.

Gujarat PSC Exam Previous Years Question Papers

Note: To download the question papers, click on this link.

Ques 1- Write an essay in about 400 words on any one of the following:

a) Make in India – need of the hour.

b) Is life better for us than it was for our forefathers?

c) Judicial activism.

d) Significant challenges faced by India in its path to prosperity.

e) Sustainable development and environment conservation.

Ques 2- Write a letter to your father describing your recent visit to an exhibition of historical interest.

Ques 3. Write a letter to your Reporting Officer seeking permission for a study-leave with reasoning how it would be beneficial to perform duties more effectively.

Ques 4. Write an inspection report of a school you visited, mentioning the strength and shortcomings you noticed there.

Ques 5. As the Director of your company, draft a letter of warning to the employees who have repeatedly been found indulging in acts of misbehavior with their seniors.

Ques 6. Draft a dialogue between two neighbors about the rising cases of cybercrime in the city.

Ques 7. As the Head Boy of a school, write a send-off speech to be delivered at the farewell of the Principal of the school.

Ques 8. Draft your conversation with the members of the interview board for the post of Accountant.

Ques 9- Translate the following passage from English to Gujarati.

A significant part of Arabia is desert. Here there is nothing but sand and rock. The sand is so hot that you cannot walk over it barefoot during the daytime. Here and there in the desert are springs of water from deep down under the ground – so deep that the sun cannot dry them up. These springs are few and far apart, but trees grow tall and graceful wherever there is one, making a cool green shady place around the spring. This is indeed the beauty of nature?

Ques 10- English Grammar:

Do as directed:

I) This room _____________ (not clean) for months, but we are cleaning it now. (Insert the correct form of the verb (not clean) in the blank)

II) It would be best if you shut these doors. (Change the voice)

III) Paint covered the lock. (Change the voice)

IV) By whom was this question raised? (Change the voice)

V) Tom said, “I must be there by nine tomorrows.” (Change the narration)


In this article, we will give the GPSC question papers for Prelims and Mains. Also, we have provided the official GPSC Answer Key link along with the previous years’ GPSC question papers for the reference of candidates.

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