Best Way For A Stress-free Civil Services Exam Preparation – Proven Study Tips and Techniques

Exams in general are tough, and with the UPSC CSE’s, having a stress-free Civil Services Exam preparation is not a guarantee. In this article, we will provide you with 10 specific tips that can help you navigate through your UPSC Civil Services Exam stress more efficiently.

  1. Making a study plan- The first step before starting any endeavour is to outline and create a plan. Before you start your mains preparation, make a realistic and future-oriented study plan. In this strategy, you must include dates for all the GS papers, language papers and the optional subjects as per the requirements.

    It would be best if you also consolidated a dedicated time every day for newspaper reading. If you are just a beginner and find it difficult where to begin, look for Tips for Beginners from Shashank Shekhar Singh.
  2. Make a Time table for the UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation- Create and follow the timetable and stick to it. Always make a calendar for every one of your exercises and execute and follow it sincerely. Mostly, it has been seen that when in the beginning, one is losing in the readiness, as the test approaches, pressure on the mind increases.
  3. Yoga/meditation- Yoga is considered the best practice/pressure buster, and its practice and training most diligently will take you far in your UPSC CSE preparation. There are a few beneficial asanas that you can rehearse mainly for pressure, and Mudra is considered the best for it.

    You can also meditate and do breathing activities like the Pranayama to feel more calm and relaxed afterwards. This keeps your mind and body in a positive state while keeping it fit and stable.
  4. Get some sound sleep – Many aspirants believe that UPSC preparation requires less sleeping and a lot of hard work due to its vast syllabus, a and as this is considered one of the hardest exams to crack in India. You have to admit that your body and mind both need the appropriate rest and time. Take at least 6-7 hours of sufficient rest in a day.
  5. Eat right- Eat a well nutritious diet like natural veggies, fruits, and nuts. You must try to keep away from low-quality nourishment like junk food and other preservatives. Low-quality nourishment is known to be a reason for people’s gloom as well. It would help if you continuously made conscious efforts to eat well nutritious food whenever you feel hungry.
  6. Exercise and take breaks- Exercise is the mood mantra that will help you in beating stress and keeping your body fit and healthy. Sitting for extended periods in your room covered in books can be wearing. Do regular exercises, as it will increase the generation of endorphins in your cerebrum that will make your body energetic.

    Taking breaks is a more appropriate and significant manner is essential for the preparation of the UPSC CSE. There is a point when you believe you can’t study anymore, during those times, take breaks and don’t try to attempt and endure one more hour of studying.

    At the point of time, when your mind is worn out and can’t take more things inside, it is smarter to take a brief break and unwind. You can expand your proficiency by taking short breaks in the middle of your tests.
  7. Power of positive thinking- Positive thoughts plays a crucial role in one’s selection in Civil Services. Many life coaches have reiterated the power of positive thinking. Stop negative thoughts like, I am not intelligent enough. It’s too much, etc. In life, nothing good is easy to get. Think happy and positive thoughts like, ‘I can get through this’ when you are feeling down and out. These thoughts will lift your spirits and get you going. Click here to understand the Power of Positive Thinking for your Civil Services exam preparation.
  8. Handling competition- Many psychologists claim that when candidates make a perception against the exam and think about its outcomes, they will never achieve their ultimate goal to clear the exam or whatever it might be. So, always try and avoid thinking negatively as it will increase the stress more and more about the exam, so focus and enjoy the preparation time.
  9. No distractions- Most of the candidate’s complaint that they find it hard to concentrate on a particular subject or their studies; this can be due to high anxiety and stress level. But whenever you feel the same, take a deep breath and always think about your current achievements and the goals you want to achieve in life. It is often recommended to the candidates, to set a time-based target for better results.
  10. Have faith- If you have doubts and questions in the first place alone on your capabilities and abilities, then you can never taste a flavour of success in your entire life. You need to keep up the confidence in yourself and put stock in the way that you are placing endeavours right way like getting study material, getting instructing at whatever point required, having an examination plan and planning carefully.


Everyone handles stress differently. In this article, we have provided 10 specific tips that can help you manage your UPSC Civil Services exam stress more efficiently.

“A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.”

The above quote tells you clearly that to be a diamond and shine, you need to be able to handle stress well.

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  • Top 10 specific tips that can help you manage your UPSC Civil Services exam stress more efficiently.

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