IAS Officer Salary 2021 – By Rank & Other Benefits Included

IAS Officer Salary 2021 – By Rank & Other Benefits Included

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the administrative arms of the All India Services (AIS). Considered among the premier civil services of India, the IAS is one of the three premier divisions of All India services along with the Indian Police Service (IPS) and the Indian Forest Service (IFS).

Phases of the Civil Service IAS Exams

  • Phase 1: CSE Preliminary exam (Objective Type)
  • Phase 2: CSE Main Exam (Descriptive Type)
  • Phase 3: CSE Personal Interview (Personality Test)

Every year many aspirants sit for the UPSC exam to join the esteemed Civil Services – (like IAS, IPS and IFS, etc.) and only around 80-90 candidates qualify the final phase to join the administrative services like IAS, IPS or IFS officers as per the rank scored by them. UPSC CSE is considered the toughest exams of the country, and it is the only gateway to enter the prestigious civil services.

IAS Officer Salary and Career Path

IAS Officers don’t get paid during the first month of training.

Many candidates think, they’ll be starting to get paid immediately after joining the service, but after qualifying the UPSC CSE, the selected candidates are invited for the training program. Post joining as an IAS, or other officers- officers don’t get rewarded for the first month of their training period. This criterion is well informed and described to the officer in the joining letter issued by the DoPT.

The new pay structure for IAS officers has dispensed with the system of Pay Grades for different Civil Services profiles and introduced by the Consolidated Pay Levels (CPL) in the 7th Central Pay Commission. And the IAS pay scale is decided only on -the Basic Pay along with TA, DA, and HRA.

IAS Officer Salary Structure

Pay LevelBasic Pay
Years Required in Service Post 
   District AdministrationState SecretariatCentral Secretariat
1056,1001-4Sub-divisional magistrateUndersecretaryAssistant Secretary
1167,7005-8Additional district magistrateDeputy SecretaryUndersecretary
1278,8009-12District magistrateJoint SecretaryDeputy Secretary
131,18,50013-16District magistrateSpecial secretary-cum-directorDirector
141,44,20016-24Divisional commissionerSecretary-cum-commissionerJoint Secretary
151,82,20025-30Divisional commissionerPrincipal SecretaryAdditional secretary
162,05,400         30-33No Equivalent RankAdditional Chief SecretaryNo Equivalent Rank
172,25,00034-36No Equivalent RankChief SecretarySecretary
182,50,00037+ yearsNo Equivalent RankNo Equivalent RankCabinet Secretary of India

The Dearness Allowance (DA) is fixed at the 0% for Civil Services Indian Administrative Service officers starting from their career and increases with the time as per their ranks and performance.

The salary structure for all IAS officers start at the same level and then increase as per their performances and promotions.

Monthly Salary Structure

LevelBasic PayTotal IAS Salary
Entry-level (starting salary)5610056100 – 132000
Maximum Pay (cabinet secretary level)250000250000

The basic pay of an IAS officer at the entry-level increases by- 3% each year at the starting level (As per their performance level). Salary at the Cabinet Secretary level- is fixed. The Dearness Allowance usually increases by 0-14% each year at the entry-level positions. At the highest level, the DA could increase. Young candidates should keep in mind that – the IAS or other service’s pay scale should not be the only motivating factor for them to join the service.

The UPSC Civil Services is an opportunity to serve the nation and make a positive and desired impact on the lives of millions of people in our country, which is why candidates should have a personal goal- Like to improve the countries circumstance of the education system or maybe to enhance the image of our country, etc.


The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) of the UPSC is considered as one of the most prestigious and responsible services of our country.  Apart from the decent responsibilities and the power, an IAS Officer enjoys a fair salary amount which rises as per his promotion during the service tenure.

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