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Puducherry Police Service (PONDIPS) – Everything You Should Know

The Puducherry Police Service is the law enforcement agency for the Union Territory of Puducherry in India. The Puducherry Police Service date back to the period of French colonial rule before 1954, Separate Armed and Indigenous (local) police service units were maintained at that time in Puducherry. The new force still retains the French kepi as a distinctive feature of its uniform 

The Puducherry Police Service comes under the direct control of the Department of Home Affairs, Government of Puducherry. The PONDIPS force is headed by the Director-General of Police (DGP). As of 2013, the Puducherry Police Service had around 4000 personnel, of whom 150 were women. The Police force plans to induct more women officers to have a one-woman officer at every police station. 

Puducherry Police Service (PONDIPS) Role and Duty

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Puducherry Police Service (PONDIPS) Ranks and Pay Scale

The name, number and scale of pay of duty posts in the grades of Pondicherry Police Service shall be as follows: 


Sanctioned Strength 

Scale of Pay 

Junior Administrative Grade -I (JAG – Group A) 

Rs. 14,300-400-18,300 

Junior Administrative Grade-II (JAG-Group A) 

Rs. 12,000-375-16,500 

Selection Grade (Group A) 


Rs. 10,000-325-15,200 

Entry Grade (Group B) 


Rs. 6,500-200-10,500 

Note- Sanctioned strength of Puducherry Civil Service: 62 (JAG posts = 9; Grade-I, II = 37; Reserves like deputation, leave and training = 16) 

The mission statement for Puducherry Police

History of PONDIPS

The French people, was one of the last among the European powers that dreamt about establishing their trade stations and their maritime might in India through sea-route. 

The Frenchman first came to Surat in 1666 after obtaining an imperial firefighter from the Moghul Emperor Aurangazeb and then they finally established themselves in a village called Coromandel Coast in 1674, with permission of a governor of the Bijapur Sultan.  

With this bridgehead on the East-Coast, which became their mainstay over the total of 280 years, but then the French dreams of an Indian Empire began and ended in Pondicherry. 

But during this period, for brief spells when the area was gliding out of their hands, the minuscule scattered territories which today consists the centrally administered Union Territory of Pondicherry (UToP) – which was granted the full Statehood recently in Parliament, – remained under French administration for well-night 230 years.  

Indian laws were made applicable after the time of their de-facto transfer to the Indian Union in 1954, and the de-jure transfer in 1963.  

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PONDIPS- Pondicherry, like Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu, Delhi Police Service (DPS) is also centrally administered by the GoI. PONDIPS officers are appointed to the Pondicherry Police Services. 

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