UDISE+: Indian Database of Elementary and Secondary Education

“Technology is technology. Technology doesn’t have a; it is not good or bad. Technologies are tools.” – Alfonso Cuaron Introduction Ideal and precise information is the foundation of sound and viable preparation and direction. Towards this end, the foundation of a well-working and practical Educational Management Information System is of most extreme significance today. Integrated … Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is intelligence showed by artificial or man-made items like machines or computers. This is in contrast to the natural intelligence that human beings and animals are known to demonstrate. When machines are capable of performing tasks on their own, without needing manual control or constant direction, they are said to be machines having … Read more

Agni Missiles of India: An Overview

Agni Missiles Of India

“Discussions have ever achieved no real change in history.” — Subhas Chandra Bose Introduction Since India performed the nuclear tests in 1998, the centre has reinforced the nuclear defence plan and chalked out a nuclear technique. It moved from fluid fuelled ballistic missiles to strong fuelled ones throughout the years, focusing on producing nuclear-powered cruise … Read more

5G Technology

5G Technology

After China marked its entry to 5G technology, there have been efforts globally to shift to a 5G network. This faster network makes global communication and market easy. The 5G technology establishes a high speed, mobile, safe and widespread new generation information infrastructure. India plans to launch Indigenous 5G as part of PM’s Atmanirbhar under … Read more

India Test-Fires Agni-5 Missile

Agni-5 Missile

Recently, India successfully test-fired the nuclear-capable Intercontinental Ballistic Agni-5 Missile. It is developed by Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The firing capacity of Agni 5 is said to have a range of 5000kms to 8000 km. It has a three-stage and is road-mobile and solid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile. According to experts, the missile will … Read more

Rebranding: Facebook Rebranded as Meta

Facebook Metaverse

A few hours ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook announced at the annual Connect conference that the company along with all of its technology and applications will now come under a single name: Meta. This process of rebranding is a part of his ambition and goal to promote the metaverse, a virtual reality environment … Read more

Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

We are living in an era that evolves every day. Every minute we hear of new technologies, inventions, and trends. The past year brought out a dynamic revolution in all fields, especially when we talk about healthcare. The healthcare sector has evolved radically in the last few months. The most noted fact is that healthcare … Read more

Ola Future Factory: World’s Largest E-Scooter Facility

Ola Futurefactory

“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.” – Jochen Zeitz Electric Vehicle Market is expected to hit more than the 65-lakh unit mark yearly by 2030, as expressed by India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA). There has been a consistent push for electric vehicles and local innovation by PM Narendra … Read more

Heli Borne Survey Technology

Heli-Borne Survey

The Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh, launched the Heliborne water survey technology on 7 October 2021. It was developed by CSIR- NGRI, Hyderabad, for groundwater management. The state-of-the-art technology, Heli Survey Technology, is used to map groundwater sources in arid regions of the country. The survey will help in using groundwater for drinking purposes. This … Read more