Schools Reopening- What To Expect

The entire physical school system of India came to a halt in the earlier months of the year 2020. The nation, just like the rest of the world, had been struck by the widespread coronavirus pandemic. Final exams postponed, mid-terms canceled, and assignments are forgotten- it was like a dream come true for students everywhere. For a few months, the atmosphere was the same, with carefree children enjoying what felt like Christmas had arrived early. However, gradually as it was time to begin the new terms and the new classes, teachers and students alike were faced with a new form of learning and teaching. Online learning paved the way for various mobile and computer applications that facilitated teachers and students to interact via live video conferencing. This was meant to be a temporary solution for a few months and not a permanent method of schooling, even though schools and colleges in various parts of the country tried to open the gates while instilling strict sanitization measures and social distancing. Still, the virus spread, and the schools had to shut down, and it has been more than a year since online learning became the “new normal.”

After almost two batches of students being passed out of schools and colleges, there is again news of physical lectures resuming, schools reopening. The coronavirus cases seem to have declined, and the quality of education imparted does not seem up to the satisfaction of teachers, students or parents, due to which the decision to reopen the educational institutions was welcomed widely by the community. However, what does this entail? What can be expected out of this new era, and what precautions can be taken?

Students, especially of a younger age, do not have the proper understanding of the graveness of the situation. They do not understand the extreme importance of keeping their hands clean and sanitized, of keeping the masks on at all times, and to maintain a safe distance from fellow students. It is, therefore, crucial for both the parents and the teachers to ensure that the students imbibe the gravity of the issue and do not take it lightly. This new way of learning would be different from the earlier days; there would be many changes adhering to the rules and regulations. However, the quality of education is to remain the same.

It is very well known that online education often gave way to students to avoid studying, to look for ways to still get good grades by cheating or by unethical means. This is one of the many concerns of teachers and parents, which will be resolved by the reopening of schools. While it does not guarantee the absence of cheating, it contributes to the reduction thereof. Parents are also individuals, and having the child with them at all hours without schools takes a toll on their mental and physical health. There will be a certain relaxation in their schedule with the resumption of physical classes. The pandemic has ensured that the growing kids do not have exposure to physical exertion and outdoor activities. The involvement of students in physical recreational activities will help them in their overall personality growth and keep them healthy. Schools will have to craft a way to conduct these activities as per the safety rules.

Indian Schools Re-Opening 2021

Precautions that can be taken by Parents

  • Ensure the child knows the safety measures to be followed, like wearing the mask over the nose and till the chin, sanitizing and washing the hands, not touching any surface, and
  • Provide the child with sanitizers, masks, and protective
  • Ensure the child is sanitized after returning from
  • Keep a constant check on the child’s activities after

Precautions that can be taken by Teachers

  • Ensure that the students arrive and are seated at safe
  • Ensure that throughout school, all safety measures are
  • If any student is found symptomatic or if the health of the child derives concern then immediately inform the authorities and get the Covid Test done.
  • Ensure that the students leave the premises while following social distancing and safety

Schools provide an experience that can never be replaced by another. It is therefore essential that utmost care be taken to make sure that the new generations get to have the classic school experience that we all cherish. Schools’ reopening can mean a slow return to normalcy, but only through constant vigilance by all parties involved.