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SAS Gujarat Platform – How to Access Services, DPE, COS, SSA Login, Helpline and more


The SAS Gujarat governments started a program for the comfort of students and teachers – as we all know getting knowledge becomes more accessible in this modern era because of advanced sources. Now you can connect with your field projects at any time without any issue.

SAS Gujarat is the abbreviation of School Administrative System Gujarat that connects different regions of schools and teachers to provide various services. It is an online system where teachers can get additional details like salary information, attendance, Masik Patrak, Raja Report, Purvani Bill, and numerous other alerts.

The government of Gujarat takes this extraordinary step to comfort teachers regarding their different school-related works. Moreover, Gujarat governments aim to make things more accessible by using advanced sources.

The older system of fulfilling these different works is time-killing, so the SAS online system is introduced to save worthy time for teachers. In this topic, we discuss all the SAS Gujarat, so for knowing more, keep reading.

About SAS Gujarat

Over time, the world has advanced because of the latest devices like smartphones. This intelligent device now lets you connect with the whole world in seconds. Keeping the latest source’s benefits in mind, the governments of Gujarat set an online system to connect teachers with different school activities.

The system is known as SAS Gujarat that spreads in different regions of Gujarat. Teachers can easily connect to all their school activities through this online system. Moreover, teachers can ride from time-killing paperwork by utilizing the SAS online program.

When we talk about the different details that teachers can access, these are attendance reports of teachers, salary alerts, Raja Report, Masik Petrak, Paravane Bill, and lots of other comforts that teachers can avail themselves of after connecting with the SAS Gujarat portal.

How to Access SAS Gujarat Services

Now we have come to the main point where you learn about the methods that help in easier connection of SAS Gujarat. There are different purposes for which you need to connect with this system. In other words, teachers first need to log in then and adequately move to further steps of their requirements.

Through, teachers can access different factors by following the proper login method.
Let’s move to the steps that support in more straightforward login.

SAS Gujarat DPE Login

The term DPE is known as Directorate of Primary Education, where primary school teachers can access the services of the SAS Gujarat platform. There are given steps by following, you can login into the DPE quickly.

  1. First of all, go the the SAS Gujarat main page.
  2. Click on ‘DPE’ and select your district.
  3. After this, you get the page for filling in your id card number and password.
  4. You need to click on the ‘Login As’ option and select the right choice in this step.
  5. Now, you get the option of signing in.

SAS Gujarat COS Login

Now we discuss another way to log in to the SAS Gujarat portal. The abbreviation of COS is the Commission Rate of the School.

  1. Firstly, you need to click on the given link then click on COS.
  2. After this, you get the page with the option of COS. From there, you get another page that requires your username and password.
  3. Then, you need to provide the required information that appears on the screen.
  4. Now, from the dropdown menu, click on the option of ‘Login As’.
  5. Finally, you have reached the last option, where you get to the login page. For this purpose, click on the ‘Sign In’ option.

SAS Gujarat SSA Login

SSA is an abbreviation for Sarva Shiksa Abhiyan that sets the development of elementary schools. Now we proceed to the steps that help in logging in to SSA.

  1. Users firstly need to visit the SAS Gujarat page.
  2. On this page, click the option of SSA.
  3. From there, you get another page requiring an ID card and password number.
  4. After this, enter the captcha code available on the left side of the page.
  5. Then click on the option ‘Login As’, and then choose the correct option from the dropdown menu.
  6. Now click on the ‘Sign In’ option.

SAS Gujarat Helpline

The program of SAS Gujarat government is based on proper management. In other words, users can get information about any issue by connecting the SAS helpline. When you face any difficulty in connection or other guidelines, you can directly connect with the SAS helpline that provides complete information about your problem.

However, you will need to enter some basic requirements like your phone number, school name, and user name. After this, choose your taluka to enter the captcha code and then click on submit.


This article is about the platform that supports teachers in solving their job-related factors like salary information, teacher attendance, and numerous other things. The online platform is known as SAS Gujarat. You can access it by following the steps provided in this article.

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