Farmer Suicides in India

India Farmers Suicides

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, a total of 10,677 farmers/people whose livelihood depended on farming, committed suicide in 2020. Out of that almost half of the suicides were of agricultural labourers. This is a rise of 18 per cent when one compares it with last year.  The state with maximum cases of farmer … Read more

Pandemic Adversely Affected Informal Sector

Pandemic Adversely Affected Informal Sector

According to the recent SBI study, the share of the large informal sector in overall economic activities shrank rapidly in the year 2020-21 even though the informal workers have faced all the misery caused by the pandemic. In the year 2017-18, the economic output of this informal sector was 52% as compared to 20% in … Read more

The Boom of Gig Economy in India

Gig Economy India

After the advent of COVID-19, the Indian job sector changed dramatically. A lot of industries closed down after failing to withstand the pressure of lockdown. It hurt both the employed and job seekers. Also, the economy suffered from the loss of employment and returned a negative growth rate. According to the Indian Economic Survey 2020-21, … Read more

Ministry of Cooperation: An Overview

Ministry Of Cooperation

“Governance is possible only with assistance. A single wheel does not move.” – Chanakya Introduction In a remarkable move, a different ‘Ministry of Cooperation’ has been inaugurated by the Modi Government for completing the vision of ‘Sahkar se Samriddhi’. This Ministry will give a different authoritative, lawful and strategy structure for increasing the robustness of … Read more

OPV Sarthak

Opv Sarthak

On 28 October 2021, the government commissioned and dedicated OPV Sarthak to guard the Indian coasts at Goa. A few months back, in August 2021, the government commissioned the OPV indigenous vessel Vigraha at the Chennai coast. This article will read updates related to the OPV ships and their role in the Indian Coast Guard. … Read more

Privatisation of Public Sector Banks

Privatisation Of Banks

During Union Budget 2020-21, the government announced a new policy for strategic disinvestment of public sector undertakings. This policy provides an explicit schedule for disinvestment in all non-strategic and strategic sectors. The Banking sector falls under the strategic industry. The government aims to keep a low presence in the strategic sector. After a massive consolidation … Read more

Incidents of Stubble Burning reduced

Stubble Burning Reduced

According to the latest report by Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM), there has been a significant reduction up to 70% in the number of instances reported for stubble burning in the state of Punjab, while there is an 18% reduction in the number of such cases in the adjoining state of Haryana. In Punjab, … Read more

India’s GM Rice behind the recall of Wrigley products?

Gm Rice Wrigley Recall

In a statement on August 4, Europe’s candy giant Mars Wrigley carried out a mass recall of several batches of its Crispy M&Ms across the entire continent, and it garnered a lot of limelight. Now there has been a new development in that matter. As per the notifications of the European Commission’s rapid alert system, … Read more

Indians helping in Maldives’ Post Covid Recovery

Maldives Covid Recovery

Indian tourists have shown the strength of their soft power in this mini-island nation of Maldives.  The stimulus of Maitri has surely helped the Maldives to recover from the adverse effect of the Covid 19 pandemic. This country has emerged out as one of the favorite tourists destinations for the Indians. As the gates were … Read more

CRISIL: Gross NPA of Banks to Rise in FY-22

Rise Of Bank Gross Npa

According to a recent report by CRISIL, the gross NPAs of banks will rise in the financial year 2022. It is expected to swell up to 9.8%, which is enormous considering the ratio of NPAs in the last financial year in March 2021 was 7.48%. However, it is still likely to remain lower than the … Read more

India Drops to 101 Ranks in the Global Hunger Index

India Poor Position

The Food and Agricultural Organization released a report titled “The Global Hunger Index” that puts India at a lowly 101st position in 116 countries. India could only score 27.5 in the GHI score, which became the reason for its poor performance. Last year, India’s ranking in the same report was at 94th. Pakistan at 92, … Read more