An Introduction to the Folk Music of India

Indian Folk Music

The diverse geography of India is worldwide famous for its rich culture and heritage. The diversity of India is reflected in Indian traditions and cultures. Each state of India has its own tradition. In India, we have diverse forms of music, art, dance, and martial arts literature and food. In this blog, we will discuss … Read more

Censorship in India

Censorship In India

India is a diverse country of many religions, languages and opinions. Therefore it is no surprise that there exists an unspoken censor on all things that are portrayed in public. This primary censor is majorly done by society and authorities to prevent any harm to public sentiment. In addition to this, there also exists an … Read more

Dravidian Architecture: A Medieval Art of India

Dravidian Architecture

Several schools of Art and Architecture flourished in India at different times. While few art forms are native and indigenous, like Chola art or Pandya Art, other art forms derive their qualities from western art schools, such as Persian Architecture and Victorian Architecture. Mughal art school and Rajputana art are examples of fusion art. They … Read more

The Intangible Culture Heritage of India

India Unesco Intangible List

India has a vast cultural heritage, including monuments, ancient pottery, performing arts, and social practices. UNESCO aims to protect this rich heritage through its lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Let us understand what these lists mean? And, what are the different cultures included in it? What is the meaning of Intangible Cultural Heritage? It means … Read more

Kushinagar and its Historical Importance

Kushinagar'S Importance

Recently an international airport was inaugurated in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a inauguration of 3.2kms long airport, which would put the eastern part of UP under direct international connectivity. Civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Sindhia said that from November 26, Kushinagar will have direct flights to Delhi four times … Read more

Cave Art of India

India Cave Art

Caves are a significant symbol of the architecture and art of India. Most of the existing caves were constructed a long time ago. Thus, they preserve historical information about the culture and traditions of ancient India. Indian cave art has a unique status in the world. Let us discuss some important caves of India. Ajanta … Read more