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The is a platform where writers can submit and pitch for unique articles on topics and/or latest news ranging from technology, education, exams, geopolitics, medical, society, etc.

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Here at the, we have a launched a unique writers’ program where writers can earn from their work, not just once but every month. Yes that is right! You get paid every month for your articles that you submit to us, depending on how they perform each month.

Not only do you, as a writer, get paid for your work for weeks and months for the work you have done, but you also get to be featured as the writer on the for your articles – which then helps you build your CV as an expert writer and pitch for the best jobs.

You ask how much you get paid for each article right? Wait, we are getting to it. Before you start writing those awesome articles, there are few hurdles you need to cross to be selected as a contributor.

Writer Screening

Interested writers need to apply for being selected as a writer for the through the form below. After which, our team will go through your current experience and ask you to be submit a sample article. This sample article is used to judge your hold of the english language and to ensure only the best are selected for the writers’ program.

After submitting the sample article, allow 3 working days for our team to review and get back to you with the final decision. If the team likes your work, the article is approved for posting and is treated as your first submission. The selected writers are then given a login ID via email address which can then be used by the writer to submit future articles.

Article Topics

Writers will write for our new daily news section which will feature everyday’s latest news events happening in India and around the world. The writers can choose any topic of their interest but the articles need to be from one of the following categories :

  1. Technology
  2. Politics
  3. Sports
  4. Education
  5. Business
  6. Economics
  7. Science
  8. Art
  9. Entertainment
  10. Travel

Article Review and Daily Submission Requirements

Each article submitted to us should have a minimum of 750 words, grammatically correct and should be totally free from plagiarism. Once an article is submitted through the writer’s dashboard page, it will then be reviewed by a senior editor for grammar and plagiarism. Subject to the Editor’s approval, the article is then published on the website.

Every writer needs to submit at least 1 article every day or more. This is good practise for your future as the more the number of articles you have published and it shows us you are a sincere writer.

The articles have to be well-researched and appropriately broken down into paragraphs and sub-headings.

Please note – We trust our writers to submit factually accurate articles and cannot be held liable for any misinformation or inaccuracy in the articles as we are merely a publishing platform and only check for grammar and plagiarism.

Writer’s Compensation

Writers will be paid out in the first week of each month via Paypal for the previous month’s performance of their published articles on the, with the amount of $10 (approx Rs. 730) for every 100,000 unique views of their published article gets. Writers will be paid every month as long as their articles are getting views. Writers can share their articles via social media to get more visitors to their articles. We use Google Analytics to check the monthly unique views and reports are shared with the writers every month for their records as well. Writers also need to have at least earned $10 in total accrued revenue and have a total of 30 or more published articles on the to receive their payments.

How much can you really earn from this program? Lets say, you submit only the minimum 1 article day for a month. That means if all your articles are upto the standard and are published, you will have 30 published articles in your name on the

On average, each of our articles on average receive 25000-30000 UVs (unique views) every month and as we grow in authority – the average UVs will increase as well. So, your 30 published articles multiplied by 25000 UVs each month would mean you get paid $75. And then if you submit another 30 articles the next month, you can expect to get paid $75 for the first 30 articles and then another $75 for the new articles.

Find below a table to help you estimate your earnings.

MonthNew Articles PublishedTotal Articles PublishedEstimated Monthly Compensation**
1st3030$75 ( approx. Rs. 5475)
2nd3060$150 ( approx. Rs. 10900)
3rd 3090$225 ( approx. Rs. 16425)
4th30120$300 ( approx. Rs. 21900)
5th30150$375 ( approx. Rs. 27375)
6th30180$450 ( approx. Rs. 32800)
7th30210$525 ( approx. Rs. 38300)
8th30240$600 ( approx. Rs. 43800)
9th30270$675 ( approx. Rs. 49200)
10th30300$750 ( approx. Rs. 54750)
11th30330$825 ( approx. Rs. 60225)
12th30360$900 ( approx. Rs. 65700)

** Assuming each article gets 25000 UVs per month. This number can vary depending on the topic, timing, industry and so on.

Contributors will keep getting paid every month automatically by for their published articles as long as they have at least 30 published articles on the website and have a minimum of $10 in accrued revenue.

Please note – These are estimations and cannot be used as a benchmark. Number of UVs that an article gets, depends on many factors like the industry, recency of the news, Google rankings of the article, social virality of the article and so on.

The reserves the right to ban any user/writer if we notice any kind of fraud that games or tries to manipulate the system or publishes duplicate content and as a result, any and all of the accrued earnings will be forfeited and not paid out. If however, you feel there has been an error from our side, you are welcome to email us at to investigate the matter.

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Other things to note

  1. All articles once submitted, are the Intellectual Property of and all IP protection laws will apply.
  2. Writers are not allowed to submit duplicate content and not allowed to re-use the submitted articles elsewhere on the internet.
  3. The program will be signing up very limited number of writers and reserves the right to stop any new signups at any time.
  4. The terms and conditions for this program, as mentioned here, can be changed at any time.
  5. All selected writers are not employees of or it’s parent company so no employment benefits will apply.
  6. Writers are only allowed to share articles published by them on their personal social media channels and not allowed to spam links on public groups or forums in a bid to gain more views. Anyone found to be spamming, will be banned.
  7. Any views expressed in the content published on the website by a writer are his or her own views and not of as a company or it’s owners. All liability remains with the original content contributor. For any complaints regarding the content uploaded to our website, please contact us at

All of the above-mentioned rules are to protect the sanctity of the program and to protect the well-intentioned writers from the ill-intentioned users/writers.

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Please use the form to express your interest in the program and our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

* Writers/Contributors are required to read and agree to all of the above terms and conditions of the program.

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