Anshu Malik Becomes the First Indian Woman to Win Silver in the World Championships

Anshu Malik Silver World Championships

The 19-year-old wrestler Anshu Malik created history when she became the first Indian woman to win a silver medal in the World Championships. Malik clashed against American wrestler Helen Louise Maroulis in the 57 kg bout, but she lost to her opponent. In the process, she missed out on winning the gold but still managed … Read more

“Cleaning Up” the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

World Bank And Imf Clean Up

In recent times, there has been a growing call for the “cleaning up” of the institutions of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the two premier financial institutions of the world. What is the importance of these institutions, and why does it need cleansing? Let us find out! What are the World Bank and … Read more

Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for Natural Experiments in 2021

Nobel Prize In Economic Sciences

The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for the year 2021 has been awarded to 3 people. The names of the three awardees are David Card, Guido Imbens, and Joshua Angrist. While David Card is a Canadian and is a Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, Guido Imbens is a Dutch and … Read more

The Need for a Carbon Policy for Indian Agriculture

Carbon Policy For Indian Agriculture

Why has Carbon Policy been in the Limelight? The 26th UN Climate Change Conference will be hosted by the United Kingdom in Glasgow. It will be held from October to November 12, and its main aim will be to achieve the maximum points of the Paris Agreement’s goals. Climate finance and the transfer of green … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope Arrives in French Guiana

James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb space telescope has reached French Guiana to be launched in orbit on 18 December 2021. It is a joint project between European, American, and Canadian space agencies. This telescope will succeed the Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched in the Earth’s low orbit in the 1990s. An astronomical mirror of 21ft in … Read more

Massive Shortage of Coal in India

Coal Shortage In India

India is going through a terrible crisis of coal shortage. This news might sound unbelievable, but unfortunately, it is true. The biggest issue with this shortage of coal is the potential electricity crisis. India has a total of 135 power plants that are run by coal. Moreover, they supply around 70% of the total electricity … Read more