Project Samundrayaan – Deep Ocean Mission

Project Samundrayan

The Samudrayaan program, also known as the Deep Ocean mission, is an attempt by  India to launch an exploration of the deep ocean, focused on economic zones and the continental shelf of India. The project would contain many manned and unmanned submersibles searching the sea bed. The most crucial target of the Mission is to explore and find polymetallic nodules that … Read more

Farmer Suicides in India

India Farmers Suicides

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, a total of 10,677 farmers/people whose livelihood depended on farming, committed suicide in 2020. Out of that almost half of the suicides were of agricultural labourers. This is a rise of 18 per cent when one compares it with last year.  The state with maximum cases of farmer … Read more

The Boom of Gig Economy in India

Gig Economy India

After the advent of COVID-19, the Indian job sector changed dramatically. A lot of industries closed down after failing to withstand the pressure of lockdown. It hurt both the employed and job seekers. Also, the economy suffered from the loss of employment and returned a negative growth rate. According to the Indian Economic Survey 2020-21, … Read more

India Test-Fires Agni-5 Missile

Agni-5 Missile

Recently, India successfully test-fired the nuclear-capable Intercontinental Ballistic Agni-5 Missile. It is developed by Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The firing capacity of Agni 5 is said to have a range of 5000kms to 8000 km. It has a three-stage and is road-mobile and solid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile. According to experts, the missile will … Read more

Small Finance Bank License to Centrum and BharatPe by RBI

Rbi Small Finance Bank License

The Reserve Bank of India issued a small finance bank license to Centrum Financial Services Limited and Resilient Innovations Private Limited, also known as BharatPe. Both the companies will join hands to launch a bank called ‘Unity Small Finance Bank’. The two financial institutions will form a bank for the first time. While Centrum Financial … Read more

Kushinagar and its Historical Importance

Kushinagar'S Importance

Recently an international airport was inaugurated in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a inauguration of 3.2kms long airport, which would put the eastern part of UP under direct international connectivity. Civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Sindhia said that from November 26, Kushinagar will have direct flights to Delhi four times … Read more

The India – Abrahamic Accord

India-Abrahamic Accord

A virtual meeting took place between foreign ministers of India, UAE, Israel, and the USA for the first time. This meeting marks a new set of geopolitical relations between power centers of the world. This new understanding between the four nations is also informally being called as QUAD group. What is Abrahamic Accord? The Abrahamic … Read more

CRISIL: Gross NPA of Banks to Rise in FY-22

Rise Of Bank Gross Npa

According to a recent report by CRISIL, the gross NPAs of banks will rise in the financial year 2022. It is expected to swell up to 9.8%, which is enormous considering the ratio of NPAs in the last financial year in March 2021 was 7.48%. However, it is still likely to remain lower than the … Read more

Extension of BSF’s Power in 3 States

Bsf Extension

The Home Ministry, headed by Amit Shah, has decided to increase the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force in the states of Assam, Punjab and West Bengal. In contrast, BSF’s jurisdiction has been decreased in Gujarat. All four are states that share borders with the neighbouring countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Earlier, BSF’s range of … Read more

India Drops to 101 Ranks in the Global Hunger Index

India Poor Position

The Food and Agricultural Organization released a report titled “The Global Hunger Index” that puts India at a lowly 101st position in 116 countries. India could only score 27.5 in the GHI score, which became the reason for its poor performance. Last year, India’s ranking in the same report was at 94th. Pakistan at 92, … Read more