G7 Digital Trade Principles

G7 Trade Principles

India has attended the 47th G7 summit as a guest country, past month. And, last week, this group of seven nations has jointly agreed on a new set of principles and trade rules. This blog will learn about the latest collection of principles and important terms related to it. Aim of the new G7 trade … Read more

Global Hunger Index 2021

Global Hunger Index

Last year, in 2020, India ranked 94th in the Global Hunger Index. This year it fell to the 101st position. What is the meaning of it? How does the Global Hunger Index define the status of a country? Let us understand the entire process step by step. What is the Global Hunger Index (GHI)? The … Read more

India’s Ethanol Plan

India'S Ethanol Plan

In June 2021, the Central government has released a committee report on the “Roadmap for Ethanol Blending in India by 2025”. What are the highlights of this report? Let us have a look. What is Ethanol? Ethanol is an organic alcohol that also acts as a biofuel. Naturally, ethanol is produced by a fermentation of … Read more

Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

We are living in an era that evolves every day. Every minute we hear of new technologies, inventions, and trends. The past year brought out a dynamic revolution in all fields, especially when we talk about healthcare. The healthcare sector has evolved radically in the last few months. The most noted fact is that healthcare … Read more

Rise Of Another Quad Grouping

New Quad Grouping

In October 2021, the foreign ministers of 4 countries, i.e. India, Israel, the US and the UAE, concluded a virtual meeting. The meeting was held to form another Quad group in the Middle East. Why do they want another quad group when the first is already there? What are the specifications of this quad grouping? … Read more

The Intangible Culture Heritage of India

India Unesco Intangible List

India has a vast cultural heritage, including monuments, ancient pottery, performing arts, and social practices. UNESCO aims to protect this rich heritage through its lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Let us understand what these lists mean? And, what are the different cultures included in it? What is the meaning of Intangible Cultural Heritage? It means … Read more

Martial Arts Of India

Indian Martial Arts

India has been a land of art since ancient times. It is widely known for its diverse culture and ethnicities. Different martial arts have been developed in India for ages. Earlier, these martial arts were used in warfare in the country. Let us discuss some of the major martial arts of India. Kalaripayattu Kalaripayattu is … Read more

Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) Role In Indian Democracy

Role Of Cag In India

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) is the head of the India Audit and Accounts department. He directly or indirectly advises all financial matters of the union government and the state governments. Let us understand his role and his importance in Indian democracy. Who is the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India? … Read more

Fundamental Rights and Writs

Indian Writs And Rights

Part III of the Constitution of India is filled with a number of rights. These rights are granted by birth to every Indian citizen. The part is also described as the Magna Carta of India, as it contains six justiciable rights. These rights are also called “Fundamental Rights.” How are these rights governed and ensured … Read more

Foreign Travelers Accounts Of India

Travellers Account Of Ancient India

The reconstruction of a country’s history is a vast project. For India, the task is more difficult because of its topographic location and diversity. From Indus Valley Civilization to modern India. Every phase of India History was full of events and happenings. And, it was always a challenging job for historians to reconstruct Indian history. … Read more