Theory of Relativity

Theory Of Relativity

E=mc² The most famous equation in the world was given to explain one of the most famous theories of the world. The theory of relativity was formulated in 1905 by Albert Einstein, a very celebrated and exceptional scientist. Einstein’s theory of relativity explains that the law of physics are the same everywhere. The theory shows … Read more

Global Hunger Index 2021

Global Hunger Index

Last year, in 2020, India ranked 94th in the Global Hunger Index. This year it fell to the 101st position. What is the meaning of it? How does the Global Hunger Index define the status of a country? Let us understand the entire process step by step. What is the Global Hunger Index (GHI)? The … Read more

BSF’s Jurisdiction Adjusted

Bsf Jurisdiction Adjustment

Recently the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) revised the jurisdiction of one of its Central Armed Police Force, Border Security Forces (BSF), in states where it operates. The new notification has extended the jurisdiction in three states, particularly Assam, Punjab and West Bengal. It has reduced the jurisdiction in Gujarat through a gazette notification, all … Read more

Green Revolution: A New Phase In Indian Agriculture

India'S Green Revolution

“If agriculture fails, everything else will fail.” -M.S. Swaminathan Introduction The food production in India was inadequate from 1947 to 1960 as there was an increasing populace, and starvation was expected. Availability of food was just 417 g each day for every individual. There were many debt-ridden farmers, and they had become landless workers. Political … Read more

India’s Ethanol Plan

India'S Ethanol Plan

In June 2021, the Central government has released a committee report on the “Roadmap for Ethanol Blending in India by 2025”. What are the highlights of this report? Let us have a look. What is Ethanol? Ethanol is an organic alcohol that also acts as a biofuel. Naturally, ethanol is produced by a fermentation of … Read more

India’s State of Emergency

India'S State Of Emergency

A state of emergency in a country is called upon by the president of the nation when it is perceived that the country is at utmost threat and risk either from internal or external sources or from extreme financial crises. The president can consult with the advice of his cabinet, and through article 352 of … Read more

PM-JAY – What Everyone Should Know

Pm Jay

Previously known as the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana or the PM-JAY is an active national-level public health insurance fund. This is a public service scheme under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India. It was launched in September of 2018 with the aim of providing … Read more

Capital Punishment in India

Capital Punishment In India

Capital punishment or the death penalty is a punishment given to the cruelest of criminals whose crimes are heinous and unforgivable. There is a list of crimes specified in the Indian Penal Code, which can receive this penalty. It is, thereby, a legal penalty for these particular crimes. However, the nation is divided in its … Read more

India’s White Revolution: The Operation Flood

India'S White Revolution

“Operation Flood has three major achievements to its credit: making dairying India’s largest self-sustainable rural employment program; bringing India self-sufficiency in milk production; trebling the nation’s milk production within a span of two and half decades to make India the world’s largest milk producer.” —  Verghese Kurien Introduction The program expanded the production of milk … Read more

Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

We are living in an era that evolves every day. Every minute we hear of new technologies, inventions, and trends. The past year brought out a dynamic revolution in all fields, especially when we talk about healthcare. The healthcare sector has evolved radically in the last few months. The most noted fact is that healthcare … Read more